Can I appeal a grading decision?

The examiner is the highest authority when it comes to setting the grades, which means you cannot appeal the decision. However, students have the right to request a reassessment. Such a request is reviewed by the examiner, who will decide whether the grade should be changed or not (according to the Swedish legislation, Högskoleförordningen, chapter 6). 

You must include which and why some questions or parts of the exam should be reassessed within the request. Remember to use your student email address when writing to your examiner. Obvious errors such as incorrect writing or counting, or in the reporting into LADOK can be corrected in either positive or negative direction. A grade of Pass can be changed into Fail if cheating or otherwise misleading conduct has occurred.

Reassessment of grading decisions according to the legislation:

(Rough translation into English from the Swedish legislation and the local regulations at LiU)

  • Högskoleförordningen (1993:100) 6 chap. 24 § If an examiner finds that a grading decision is obviously erroneous due to new circumstances or other reasons, he or she shall change the decision, if it can be done quickly and without difficulty and if it does not mean that the grade is lowered. Regulation (2006:1053).
  • Guidelines for education and examination for first-cycle and second-cycle education at Linköping University (Ref. No. LIU-2019-00920) Section 2.4.1. When a student requests rectification or reassessment (change) of a grade, a decision (acceptance or rejection of the request) is always to be given.

Rectifications and reassessments (changes) that are to the detriment of a student must be carried out with great care and solely when it is a question of obvious cases. Change to the detriment of a student can become relevant if a student has cheated on a test. Such change takes place with the support of Section 37, Administrative Procedure Act.

If an examiner is considering correcting or changing a decision to the detriment of a student, consultation should take place with an employee at the Legal Office. Before a decision of rectification or reassessment (change) is made, the student must be given the opportunity to make a statement.

A pass grade cannot be changed to a fail grade following a student request.

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